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If you're struggling with getting new leads, increasing your revenue, increasing your online presence, your marketing message or not sure if you need a funnel or a website, we can help with filling in the gaps, along with implementation of a plan as to what you need to get you there. 

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Helping You With Your Marketing Plan, Online Presence, 
Funnel Design and Implementation

Marketing Plan

We work with you to come up with a Marketing Strategy Plan to utilize what you have along with the steps to take you to that next level. This plan is specific to your needs and your industry.

Online Presence

We come up with a plan to increase your Online Presence. This may include Social Media, Websites, Funnels, Online Events, Lead Magnets and so much more.

Funnel/Website Design & Implementation

We specialize in Funnel & Website Design. We customize it to what you need, your colors and utilize what phrases your clients use along with what words help increase your conversion. Plus we are there to implement your plan, along with your technology needs.

Michele Fisher

Business Marketing Strategist


Michele is a Business Marketing Strategist along with being a Two Times Best Selling Author, Certified Life, Tech, and Business Coach who has held many successful virtual events with nationally known guest speakers. She graduated cum laude from Florida State University with a bachelor's degree in management information systems. She has been a state-certified teacher for the past 25+ years. 
Michele specializes in helping professionals with their Online Presence, Funnel Design and Implementation. Which helps them to find clarity and purpose with their individualized marketing strategy plan. She breaks down the barriers that limit her clients from utilizing innovations in technology to grow their business. By ensuring that they build confidence in themselves, she's able to keep them accountable to the short- and long-term goals that they have set together. 

Here's What People Are Saying... 

"Two days after we went live with the website i got a call from a future client that had seen my website and was able to get a hold of me due to the website. Having a professional presence on the internet is an unseen, can’t monetize it, adds professionalism to the business that you want people to see.
"Michele helped me to paint a picture of what we offer to the public, services that we can provide.”
Jason Gatlin
"Michele is a personable lady who has the gift of breaking down information into bit size pieces for ease of assimilation.
Going through this course gave me the confidence to ask questions, get creative and to believe that I can go onto tackle another tech project in the near future."  
valerie Arbeau
"Michele is an absolutely amazing woman shining her inner light every day . I had a great experience with her designing my website." 
Sandra Lee

James Malinchak Testimony

Click on the 'Get Started Today' button, and download our FREE MARKETING Guide Right Away.

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